How does it fly?

The feedback from our pilots is that it is easy to extract the maximum performance from the model, the model will trim to have slow, lazy “hands-free” circles for the lightest thermals, and can also be turned fast and aggressive without the tendency to stall into the turn. Thanks to the advanced wing and airfoil design, the wing is able to take advantage a huge range of flap positions giving a very large flight envelope. Launches are to the moon, yet full control can be maintained at the slowest speeds to aid those super-fast tip catches and turn-arounds.


From the beginning we were curiuos to try differente materials, to get something new.

There is some information to help You to choose right lay’ups which will fit your expectations.

Assembly guide

So that we have now is:


We are able to provide a variety of layups for the NXT wings, to suit our pilot’s needs. Even our lightest layups are significantly stiffer and more durable than a hollow-molded equivalent. All versions feature additional launch blade reinforcement, fully faced ailerons for incredible rigidity along the length of the surface.

If you are unsure of which to pick, we advise that most NXT pilots are preferring the standard carboweave 40g/m2 wings.

If you prefer to fly in calm conditions only, or need a special lightweight machine for those “dead-air” conditions then our Extra-light layup might interest you. If you are flying in locations that suffer from high winds, then the stronger, heavier wings are less affected by turbulence than a standard model ballasted to the same weight (due to the increase inertia)

Our models have regulary been measured achieving over 70meters launch height.( Our record is 80 meters!)

Wing Version Average wing weight, g Why this? Max amount of  ballast, g
1. Extra light Carboweave 29 g/m2 90 Best weight/ not for a windy weather 0
2. Carboweave 40 g/m2 105 Optimal rigidity/weight proportion 40
3. Carboweave 40 g/m2 with extra reinforcements 112 Optimal lay’up for windy model 80+
 4.Samurai 61 g/m2  115  Best rigidity/nice looking 80+

1. All machine guns are drop out . Minimal stiffnes reserve. Not suitable for windy conditions. Fiber : Ultra hight modulus 29g/m carboweave .

2. Optimal choice because of good rigidity/weight proportion. Fiber: 39g/m carboweave

3. Put full ballast and fly upon FAI wind limits with no worries.

4. The best of the best. High modulus carbon fiber with beutiful carbon pattern put on a crown for this version.


We produce two type of fuses.

Strong version average 32g weight. 2.4Ghz friendly. Glass/kevlar nose.

Light version average weight  28g. Full carbon. Not for ballasted model.

Our incredible tails 

Two versions glass and carbon fiber. Both featuring a cnc machined rohacell core, with all hinge gaps faced providing unbeatable durability and light weight. The rudder is molded to fit over the boom, so no additional preparation is needed to fit.

Weight is similar for both versions (average 10.3g), but rigidity advantage is of course in carbon side.

Accesories bag

It contains:



For this moment we do not sell ballast.

Short video with main idea about it.


Adittional model features 

  • Wing has aluminium inserts for best durability.(foto)
  • Prefabricated servo bay in the wing
  • Free to choose stabilizator position ( bottom or top mounted)
  • Posibility to get full custom painting


Price List

Name Unit Cost
Stream NXT kit (Standart version)  €   680,00
Adittional Stream NXT wing (standart version)  €   470,00
Adittional Stream NXT fuse(glass/kevlar nose)  €   120,00
Adittional Stream NXT fuse(full carbon)  €   120,00
Aditional Stream NXT tail-set (fiberglass)  €     90,00
Aditional Stream NXT  tail-set (carbon)  €     90,00
Aditional painting Zebra rainbow  €     50,00
Shipping (Europe)  €     50,00
Aditional painting Zebra (single color)  €     30,00
Custom painting  €     30,00
Samurai version plus  €     30,00
Surfaces covers NXT  €     25,00
Stream NXT accessories pack  €     20,00
Extra light version  €     20,00
Aditional fee for painted tails  €     10,00
Aditional color  €     10,00
Vertical reinforcement in the wing ( strong version)  €     10,00
Spare peg  €       8,00

Wide variety of colors

Expressive body art

Order now and it will be a lot of  awesome time in the skies!