Say hello to the Stream Team…

About us
After a million evenings with lots of beer and lots of discussions, on a great occasion with suitable guys – a professional miller and two university students of aviation engineering – was produced the first fully molded DLG in Lithuania – “Stream”. The very first completed model, with a large hope, was given to one of the best RC glider pilots of Lithuania – Donatas Pampikas – and escorted to the European F3K Championship in France in 2012. Our expectations proved to be correct: the first Lithuanian Stream in the hands of Donatas took the 7th place!.. Donatas flew the model with a weight of 268 grams. The wing weighed 127g, tail-set 12,5g and fuselage 37g.

That was the beginning of the Stream Team, in late 2012… Now the university students graduated. We have our own CNC, and a huge unexplored field of innovation ahead of us. Composite technologies change together with the model part weights. Now the standard model weighs only 220 grams! Our standard wings weigh between 100-105g, tailsets – 10g, and fuselages – 32g. 🙂

We made a decision to make model manufacturing into our main business. We thank all people who made this dream come true! Our motto is simple: modellers should make models for modellers!